Nowadays, cyber security becomes as important as physical protection. Every day we read news about recent vulnerabilities, cybercrimes, break-ins, data thefts and espionage. Previously all of it used to be confined to financial threats. But currently it affects the most important in our lives — families, privacy, and human rights.

AVULN Security Industries introduces revolutionary protection for your home network.

AVULNATOR is an innovative network security appliance for home usage. AVULNATOR has been designed to be easy to install and extremely effective. AVULNATOR does not affect your home network settings. The security mechanism of AVULNATOR is very simple. It continuously receives information about new attacks and exploits and applies the mitigation inside your home network to keep you safe and up to date.

AVULNATOR protects:

How it works:

  • AVULNATOR box (11 x 8 x 4 cm) connected to your home router (or ISP cable directly) creates wireless network for smart devices

  • AVULNATOR blocks malicious traffic coming to internal network using advanced analysis techniques

  • AVULNATOR communicates with AVULN Security Industries servers to receive updates and recent detecting rules