Penetration testing

Starting point to increase your business’s protection from hackers and cyber threats.

During penetration testing, we analyze your resource and hack it in various ways. Range of attacks is not constrained by any certain software or technology. We usually try to check all possible attacks as hackers may do.

    “Delivering real security is our work, so we hack you for sure.”

Target types:

Application Analysis

You are developing or already have developed an application. Need to make sure it is secure? Each application should maintain some of its internal data, users’ private information in a secure way. It also should transmit data over safe channels and provide stable and expected functionality. Application analysis will reveal possible ways of compromising your application data and communication channels.

Target types:

Source code analysis

“White-box” analysis of your application or service.

While pentesting and app analysis is usually done like external attacks (“black-box” and/or “gray-box” methods), this approach implies research from internal side. It is not the same with code review in your development process. We do not look at your coding style or naming conventions, we search for backdoors and other errors that may lead to unsecure or unstable work. It is about compromising your application having full knowledge of how it works.


All work is done under non-disclosure agreement. After finishing the service, you will receive a detailed report about all found weaknesses and vulnerabilities with exploitation as a proof of concept for each one. We will further provide you with an advisory support on how to mitigate the security issues that affect your system to maintaining high level of protection.

Cost depends on target’s type and volume.

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